Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting. Second chances. Giving up.

If anyone thinks waiting isn't hard, let them try it before coming to me and saying that it isn't. I don't just mean waiting in line for something. Or waiting for a friend to text you back. 

...waiting for the right moment to tell the truth about how you feel about someone. 
...waiting for the right person and not just hoping someone is-- actually using time, YEARS, to get to know someone inside out before deciding you want to spend your life with them. 
waiting for a friend who's turned their back on you, hurt you, betrayed you

... waiting for them with opened arms. 

Many people would and will tell me "That's pointless. Why wait? They've already left! You don't even know if they're ever coming back! You're wasting your time." 

It's true that I don't know if they'll ever come back to me. But pointless? Not at all. 
Waiting doesn't mean you're not doing anything yourself in that time. 

Even in simple scenarios like waiting for class to begin, you do something to distract yourself- listen to music, doodle, text, talk with someone nearby, whatever. 

So in the time you wait for someone, which could be years, you are still doing something yet still holding onto the hope that they will come back one day. 

"Hope? That's the most idiotic thing I've heard. It's gone and done. You're hoping on something hopeless." 

Well, let me ask you... would you rather have someone tell you that you're hopeless and that you'll never amount to anything or have someone believe in you? 

There will always be people who tell me that I'm hoping on something that is pointless... but if that person means something to me, it's not pointless. 

Maybe instead of pointing your finger at the other person you're waiting on and saying "They'll never never change. They'll always be the same. They're not coming back and when they fall, they'll come back and realize I'm not going to be there to help them stand" as you turn your back and never look back... Instead...
Instead... why don't YOU change? 
Why are you giving up? 
If you give up, really, did you love them? Did you care enough to go back? 

Even if you WERE right, even if you "told them so", it's YOUR choice whether you stay or go. It's YOUR choice whether you give them another chance. 

Just think though... If it were YOU... wouldn't you want a second chance? 

So, when things get hard, you're going to walk away? So you're going to close your eyes, cover your ears and walk away from someone who's hurting? 
Even if they're bleeding on the ground at your feet?

Yes, it will hurt. Yes, it's hard. Yes, they may not always come back... 
But for those who do...
It will be the sweetest reunion. 

Think about it.

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