Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walk-In Surprise

Being a college student means being on top of things.
Like managing your schedule and making sure your grades
are up to par with your major requirements (you know,
besides the fun stuff in between).
Well, I recently realized that I was in danger of failing a class
and I planned to see my academic adviser this morning.
Walk-in hours were from 9-11am, so I set my alarm at 8 am, 
confident that everything would be fine.

Next morning,
something doesn't feel right.
I'm thinking to myself,
It'll be alright. I'm going to wake up, and
be one of the first ones there

and sort things out with an adviser.
Several minutes later.
Wait... something feels wrong.
Shouldn't my alarm have gone off by now? 
. . .

I suddenly spring out of my bed and look at the time
to find that... it's 10:12!!!
By now, I'm freaking out because it's one of the last days that I can
get help for my situation so you can imagine me sprinting to campus
(which, distance-wise, isn't exactly a walk in the park).

On my way there, I remember to pray even as I'm racing against time.
It went something like this:
God, I know that I woke up late. There's no one to blame but myself,
and even though this is a scary situation right now, I believe that you can
still redeem it. I'm going to have faith and believe, if it's your will,
that I will make it in time to see an adviser. And even if I don't, I know that
you  still have things under control and I don't need to worry.

Just then, I was reminded of an adviser who had helped me out last spring.
Another little miracle in itself, but that will be saved for another time.
What you need to know though is that this adviser helped me when
she technically wasn't supposed to and ever since, I've been
wanting to personally thank her.
Seriously, it's one of those things you'll never forget.

When she came to mind, I quickly added,
And God, if it's possible, can I please see that adviser from last time?
I want to thank her so much for her help.

Now, you also have to understand that during this time of year,
trying to meet with an adviser is practically the equivalent of
trying to juggle bowling balls.With one hand.
Everyone's fighting tooth and nail to get advice and help.
I remember once waiting almost an hour before I could see an adviser.

But still, even as the clock was ticking, I raced toward my school's office.
Walking in at 10:35, the first thing I noticed was that...
it was EMPTY.
There was all of three people waiting in that office.
At first I thought it was a trick, but I still went and signed myself in.

Lo and behold, within five minutes my name was called and as
I looked up to see who my adviser was--
-insert dramatic pause-
It was the same adviser I had prayed to meet.

Some of you might be thinking "Come on. She's in the office.
How crazy is it really that you have her again?"
First of all, I'm a Business major
(Pre-Business technically, but keeping my fingers crossed).
Those of you who are in college,
have been in college,
or have looked into college--
know that it's one of the most popular majors.
What does this mean?
It means the number of advisers for Business majors
largely outnumber advisers for different majors.

To get the same adviser in a walk-in appointment is
about as likely as finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I won't bore you with the details of the short conversation I had
with my adviser, but I will say that I'm more at peace with
my academic standing.

Needless to say, I was incredibly blessed and blown out of my mind
at how things played out today. It was perfectly orchestrated.

All I can say is:

My God is an awesome God
and he cares about the little things in my life.

Thanks, God.
You are too amazing